Giunti (varia, salute e benessere)

La cura dei 10 minuti

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Can ten minutes a day change your life?
Written by Owen O’Kane
Year: 2019


Introversi e felici

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One person out of two loves to be silent. Introverts every day feel the pressure of adapting to something that is far from themselves. The book is a little guide to happiness, through tips and practical excercises.
Written by Sylvia Lohken.
Year: 2019


Il piccolo libro del buddista

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Buddhism proposes many truths to lead a fulfilling life and to face the many situations we encounter in everyday life. The author proposes a change of perspective to deal with stress and difficulties.
Written by Bettina Lemke.
Year: 2019


La forza della resilienza

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The real ability to adapt to a changing world comes from internal forces like gratitude and compassion. This is resilience, the gift we need to raise a family, work with others, deal with stress, problems or just difficulties.
Written by Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson.
Year: 2018


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Book about the Japanese method of knowing oneself, discovering how to achieve happiness in everyday life.
Written by Bettina Lemke.
Year: 2017