Lettering da has been selected among the projects suitable for publication in the book dedicated to the second edition of Aiap Women in Design Award, biennial award open to visual communication women designers.



Lettering da is featured inside You Only Design Once, Francesco Franchi's column dedicated to graphic design and published monthly on IL - Intelligence in Lifestyle magazine.


L'Italia Insegna

James Clough has chosen some of Lettering da Torino's photos for his book L'Italia Insegna (Lazy Dog)! Such a pleasure to see them in it.

Students' posters

During the last months I held my course in typography at IED Torino, teaching to first year students of Graphic Design. For the final exam, they were asked to design the specimen of a famous type. Here are some of the results: teaching is satisfying!

In the gallery: Courier by Simone Cassinelli, Gotham by Alessandro Segati, Lavanderia by Andrea Rivolta, Avenir by Gabriele Falcone, Akzidenz Grotesk by Luca Fiori and Futura by Francesco Ferrero.