Sunshine in November
Club to Club - The city, the dance floor, the festival

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Sunshine in November is a documentary written and directed by Carlotta Petracci. It is about Club To Club festival in Torino, told by those who have witnessed it from the beginning, through their memories and projects.
Opening titles, subtitles and background graphics have been designed to guide this story, through a graphic project that refers to nightclubbing lights, that characterise the electronic music stage.

Written and directed by Carlotta Petracci
Year: 2015


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A White production
Written and directed by Carlotta Petracci
Photography: Corrado Marchigiano
Editing and post-production: Carlotta Petracci and Corrado Marchigiano
Graphic design: Silvia Virgillo
Sound editing: Alessandro Vendrame
English translation: Michelle Nebiolo