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The love for vintage illustrations and patterns brought me to these compositions, all derived from a single animal illustration taken from an old-time archive.


Lettering da

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Lettering da is a look into the city and the words she says. Signs, inscriptions and street plaques guide us silently along the streets, but with a wealth of unexpected shapes and colors, which needs time to be appreciated. The project collects letters and numbers from public streets, in a photo album with historical and artistic relevance. But the project does not stop there, offering a formal and structural review of some letterings, redesigned and compared to similar typefaces.
The project is adaptable to any city: the logo provides a variable typographic element, to be identified with the treated city’s initial. The first development was Lettering da Torino, born in 2012 and still active on Facebook and Instagram. The aim is to lay the ground so to design complete alphabets derived from urban letterings. We're passionately working on this!

TORINO  curator: Silvia Virgillo -  facebook  |  instagram
MILANO  curators: Eleonora Petrolati, Giorgia Nardulli   -   facebook
MATERA  curator: Francesco Paternoster   -   facebook  |  instagram
GENOVA  curator: Letizia Macaluso   -   facebook
VENEZIA  curator: Laura Tonicello   -   facebook
ROMA  curator: Antonello Ciavarella   -   facebook
FAENZA  curator: Beatrice Bassi   -   facebook
JESI  curators: Valentina Alga Casali, Marco Goran Romano   -   facebook  |  instagram
TRIESTE  curator: Giada Mihelic   -   facebook
LECCE  curators: Chiara Galiano, Pietro Paciullo   -   facebook  |  instagram
MODENA  curators: Francesco Ceccarelli, Lia Roncaglia   -   facebook 
PARMA  curator: Cristina Guareschi   -   facebook